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September 15, 2019

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August 5, 2019

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Venom Artist Proof sketch card 1 of 3 for Upper Decks Marvel Premier set

March 12, 2018

Finished card after reinking and adding more detail



Initial color card phase after marker coloring



Inked card



Fully penciled card



Initial sketch of Eddie Brock


Here's the 1st Artist Proof card of 3 cards that I illustrated for Upper Decks 2017 Marvel Premier set. Venom aka Edward Brock is Spidermans ultimate nemesis who has both wanted to kill Peter Parker but has also at one time become a vigilante whos teamed up with him. Venom's origin is tied to the alien symbiote who arrived via spaceship and was initially paired up with Peter Parker aka Spiderman. 

Peter managed to pry the alien symbiote off of himself with the help of a loud bell because the alien symbiote was sensitive to loud vibrational sound. Spidermans rejection made the symbiote find someone who had an equal disgust for Peter Parker at which point it found Eddie Brock, a bodybuilding photographer whom had just lost his job at the Daily Bugle to Peter Parker. As the alien symbiote sensed Eddies hatred for Peter Parker, it bonded with him and together they became the dangerous antithesis of Spiderman known as Venom, one of Spiderman aka Peter Parkers most dangerous villains and nemesis.

To read more about Venom, go to your local comic shop and ask for some Venom comics. I recommend the storylines drawn by Todd McFarlane, Carlos Barbieri, Mike Weiringo, Joe Madureira and many others. Scroll through to see the step by step phases of drawing this card. This card is a blank Artist Proof card that I get to keep and sell to any client that is interested provided that the subject and the final card art is approved by Marvel beforehand. This card is already sold.

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