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I had a blast at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con!


I can easily say this was my best Comic Conventon experience I have had my entire life! It was my first time at Artists Alley at the San Diego Comic Convention 2014 and I had a blast and was greeted by politeness and professionalism by the two artists around me: Bill Maus and Ashleigh Popplewell. I met some genuinely awesome people whom bought prints from me and took time to talk to me and thats what its all about.-Connecting with people whom like my art. It gives me purpose.

I also had the luxury of seeing friends stop by and I ran into my highschool drawing friend Kazu Kibuishi and met my art hero Todd McFarlane whom was on his way out but was so nice to stop bye and say hello.


I also got hired for some cool commissions I am finishing up at the moment. Thanks so much if you stopped by to say hello! It really means a great deal to me and its an honor to meet each and every fan of my art. I will be attending the 2015 Anaheim Wondercon in Artists Alley again so please mark your calendars!

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