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Black Widow and Luke Cage Artist Sketch cards for Upper Decks Marvel Premier set 2018

Here's the 6th card of 25 that I illustrated for Upper Decks 2018 Marvel Premier set. The Black Widow a.k.a. Natasha Romanova, known by many aliases, is an expert spy, athlete, and assassin. Trained at a young age by the KGB's infamous Red Room Academy, the Black Widow was formerly an enemy to the Avengers. She later became their ally after breaking out of the U.S.S.R.'s grasp, and also serves as a top S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. The Black Widow has been on many adventures and worked with the likes of Daredevil, Wolverine, The Winter Soldier and Captain America. #upperdeckmarvelpremiercardset2018 #JoshFigueroaIllustration 

Here's the 7th card of 25 that I illustrated for Upper Decks 2018 Marvel Premier set. Luke Cage, born Carl Lucas, is known as one of the two heroes that make up the Heroes for Hire. His partner in crime is the immortal Iron Fist aka Danny Rand, heir to the Rand Corporation. Luke Cage calls Harlem home and his origin is the result of him volunteering for a classified experimental program while in jail and later escaping and using his superhuman abilities of super strength, stamina, invulnerability, enhanced speed and accelerated healing factor for good. Those who commit crime in his neighborhood usually end up in the hospital after a thorough ass-kicking. #upperdeckmarvelpremiercardset2018 #JoshFigueroaIllustration 

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