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Guardians of the Galaxy for Upper Decks Marvel Premier set for 2018

Here's the 11th card of 25 cards that I illustrated for Upper Decks 2018 Marvel Premier set. Star Lord a.k.a. Peter Quill is the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He travels through space righting wrongs with his merry band of misfits as they find themselves in all sorts of trouble while trying to get rich. Peters father isn't Ego the living planet like in the movie, he's actually the leader of the Spartax space empire named J'son. Star Lord has been on and continues to be on many space swashbuckling adventures any space pirate would be envious of.  

Here's the 12th card of 25 cards that I illustrated for Upper Decks 2018 Marvel Premier set. Gamora aka Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and notorious for being the most dangerous woman in the Galaxy. She calls Thanos her stepfather and she is the last surviving member of her race, the 'Zen Whoberis'. Thanos raised her on his space station named the 'Sanctuary' and enhanced her with superhuman abilities using advanced technology. By altering her perception, Gamora wasn't able to see the evil of her actions as Thanos trained her as an assassin and sent on her on a mission to kill the Magus, which failed. 

Here's the 13th card of 25 cards that I illustrated for Upper Decks 2018 Marvel Premier set. Drax the Destroyer aka Arthur Sampson "Art" Douglas is a powerful warrior out for justice against mad titan Thanos, aka Dione. Thanos killed Art aka Drax and his family while they were on a family vacation in the Mojave desert. Kronos recovered Douglas' astral form and used it to create a superhuman warrior for the purpose of defeating Thanos. After Thanos was defeated, Drax was eventually killed by a psychic attack from Moondragon. Years later, Drax was resurrected to once again battle Thanos (also recently resurrected). Drax's resurrection was not perfect, however; his brain remained damaged from his previous death. After Thanos was defeated a second time, Drax became a member of the Infinity Watch and guardian of the Power Gem. Most recently, Drax has joined the Guardians of the Galaxy as a formidable warrior and a force to be reckoned with.  

Here's the 14th card of 25 cards that I illustrated for Upper Decks 2018 Marvel Premier set. Rocket Racoon aka Ranger Rocket (on Halfworld) is a technologically adept member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Rocket Raccoon has the normal attributes of an Earth raccoon, including speed (which has been additionally amplified by his training), and an acute sense of smell, sight, hearing and touch. Sharp claws allow him to scale walls, buildings, and trees with ease. He is an accomplished starship pilot, an expert marksman with the two laser pistols he carries as well as having an affinity for heavy weapons. He is a master military tactician and leader, attributes that help him take charge of the Guardians of the Galaxy when Star-Lord is unavailable.  

Here's the 15th card of 25 cards that I illustrated for Upper Decks 2018 Marvel Premier set. Groot is the badass tree with legs and a formidable member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Groot the tree-like creature was captured by the Kree and put on a team with Star-Lord, Bug, Mantis, and Rocket Raccoon. A tree of few words, Groot formed a bond with the creature known as Rocket Raccoon. Forming the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot and his best friend Rocket travel through space getting into trouble wherever they go. Groot is extremely powerful and resilient, he has the power of regeneration allowing him to re-grow limbs and even regrow his entire form. He also has mind powers allowing him to communicate with plant life & other trees and command them to attack those that oppose him. Groot is highly vulnerable to attacks of fire so he needs to stay away from flame throwers and campfires.

If you want more Groot or Guardiand of The Galaxy in your life, go out and buy some comics at your local comic shop! Make like a tree and leave to one now!

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