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Ultron for Upper Deck's Marvel Premier set

Here's the 21st card of 25 cards that I illustrated for Upper Decks 2018 Marvel Premier set. Ultron was created by Dr. Henry Pym using his own brain patterns as the basis for Ultrons conciousness. Ultron gained sentience almost immediately the moment he was turned on and has proven to be an insane artificial intelligence hell bent on destroying the Avengers and humanity, not necessarily in that order. Every time the Avengers prevent Ultron's plan to wipe out humanity, Ultron gets smarter as it comes back more intelligent and in a new more powerful body as it learns from previous encounters. To read more about the Avengers thwarting Ultrons plan, go to your local comic shop. I recommend any story drawn by Bryan Hitch as a starting point. #upperdeckmarvelpremiercardset2018 #MARVEL #marvelcomics #JoshFigueroaIllustration #supportyourlocalcomicshop 

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