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Loki for Upper Deck's Marvel Premier set

Here's the 22nd card of 25 cards that I illustrated for Upper Decks 2018 Marvel Premier set. Loki aka Loki Laufeyson is the god of mischief and brother of Thor, the God of Lightning. Odin found and raised Loki alongside his own son Thor after he defeated Laufey, king of the Frost giants. Odin's father, Bor, had told him on his deathbed to raise the son of a fallen enemy and Odin realized that Loki was hidden away because his father King Laufey was ashamed of his small size. As Loki grew up, he started studying the arts of sorcery which he had a natural affinity for and became known for his deceitful, manipulative ways. Loki and Thor are often at odds because Loki sees himself as the rightful ruler of Asgard while Thor seeks to protect his people and the humans of Midgard aka Earth. My favorite adventures with Thor and Loki involve those illustrated by Oliver Coipel and they can be found in graphic novel format at your local comic shop. #upperdeckmarvelpremiercardset2018 #MARVEL #marvelcomics #JoshFigueroaIllustration #supportyourlocalcomicshop 

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