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The Green Goblin for Upper Deck's Marvel Premier set

Here's the 23rd card of 25 cards that I illustrated for Upper Decks 2018 Marvel Premier set. The Green Goblin aka Norman Osborn has been a constant thorn in Spidermans side since his inception as a hero but his nefarious plans have been thwarted each and every time by Spiderman. The Green Goblin is most notably tied to Spiderman aka Peter Parker when he made Spiderman choose to capture him or save his love Gwen Stacy. Gwen Stacy died during a fall as Spiderman saved her with his webbing which brought tragedy to Peter Parker for years. The Green Goblin is also part of the Sinister Six, a group of villains hellbent on destroying Spiderman, and formulated the Sinister 12. For more adventures with The Green Goblin, I highly recommend any stories drawn by Terry Dodson, Todd McFarlane, Joe Madureira, Art Adams, Sara Pichelli, Mike Weiringo, Jim Chueng, Chris Bachalo, & Steve McNiven and they can be found in graphic novel format at your local comic shop. #upperdeckmarvelpremiercardset2018 #MARVEL #marvelcomics #JoshFigueroaIllustration #supportyourlocalcomicshop 

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